Naivety and Light (by Awa Gabrielle Magagula)

The valley that we met inDid the water flow?

Did every particle drift towards 

Each other

Always bumping shoulders 

Destined to collide 

Like I smashed into you? 

The valley we met in

Was the grass greener on the other side? 

I can’t recall

All I have is the image of your brown specked eyes, turned hazel in the sunlight. 

All I remember is your about to be kissed lips, turned the color pink from you licking your lips. 
The valley we met in

Did the air have static electricity? 

Because the moment you touched me 

I became a flame 

Suddenly on fire 

Soul an inferno 
The valley we met in….

Can we go back? 

Because I find myself in the river now

Unable to breathe 

Drowning in an us 

That never should have been an us 

We should have stayed 

In the valley we met in.

Alcohol colored glasses 

Stained with the intent 

To see me as yours

So you lead me on

And I follow 

Trip, slip, dip

Straight into your trap
Usually I don’t fall 

I stand tall 

I’m a warrior 

A beast 

Confident in my roar 

Confident in my strut 

My tempting lips curled into a smile 

Boy, you know I’m confident 
But then you walk in

Color black draping your body 

Color black draping your spirit 

Color black stealing my light 

Color black stealing my confidence 

Stealing my essence 

Stealing my curled lip smile 

Stealing me 

Stealing me 

Stealing me
I lose myself in you

In your darkness 

Your undecidedness 

I’m blind 

In the dark 

Stuck in the crooks of your soul
Basically unborn 

You trapped me 

And I find myself 


The color black.

That’s it…



I never asked how you felt about poetry.
I never realized how much of others I saw in you

That was until sometime this afternoon..

Evening has grown old

The nights have grown cold

And all the linens smell like cigarettes

Tingle’s kicking in and I’m feeling it

Half past dead

We lie in bed

I wish I could untangle you from them

I see past the coal and into the gem

Sparkling, cold and distant she is

Passionate, vibrant and colourful she lives

Breathing life into the dead of night

Seizing minds

Closing blinds

And wrapping up others in warmth
I am plagued by foolish and childish thoughts

Of all the lessons love taught

Restraint was one held back

without it the spines snapped

And the pages turned to ash

The index was the answer
we’ll learn the things we have yet to master

The catalog far too fat

Life far too matte

Planes of colour on a black and white page

Emotion is our tomb and sadly life is our grave…

On we march (long overdue)

The silent nature of change
The disruptive force of living
The silent sound of her tears
The cacophony of breaking those we’ve been given

The sour self loving nature
The lost identities
The companionable silence
Her mind colliding with the ideas i have of me

Deception dies; clarity takes hold
Truth: absolute in nature
Lies subject to belief
Are we the lost generation, or the progenitors of peace

War makers make war,
Chefs make what we eat
We communicate from miles away,
That’s how you’re reading me; seeing into my mind

Stifling air surrounds,
water poisons us slowly
Hearts once strong: made weak
Ears deafened by every bass filled drum of the beat….

On we march, soldiers of this plane
On we walk; on we love too
Random acts of kindness seen/forgotten
Peace now havoc wreaks: war makers take our purpose; and we agree

Hugs and kisses

I sit in stillness, heart beat quiet
I bask in the moment, timeless respite
Children play in parks
Women shop in malls
Men driving home
And to us all the silence calls

That brief moment of relief
The time we take not to think
Blink, blinded, feel, kindness
And it’s never a moment too soon
Our minds are so cluttered
Our lenses set to zoom
Bombardment, escape
And company for company’s sake
You feel alone in tandem
You hear the chirping randoms
But all you listen to is silence

The magic of the moment
The bittersweet taste of life
The discordant harmonies
You can taste the mortal ooze
You can feel the tingling skin
And you can find the joy in Blues

Right in that moment,
Right in your heart,
perfect in enjoyment
And peace has us worlds apart

Because he is a raging storm
She is a violent clatter
We are a torrential rain
And they are a wind that batters
We sweep across media
We plague the cyberspace
We smile more at computers
Than our peoples’ embrace
Loud, the sound of your cellphone
Loud, the television screen
Loud is the Ipad/tablet/the ringer’s setting

Clutter has filled our souls
Material for the pain
And substance has grown so thin

Smile at someone on the bus/train/plane
Scream joyfully for yourself
Love louder than the phone
And pick up books off of the shelf
Hi five some random strangers
Give a compliment in passing
Do something anything that can leave other people asking
What’s gotten into them
I wonder what they’re smoking

And you will reply life

Because all the sadness is now choking

Negative thoughts and vibes are senseless

All the hatred is now calm

Lift life up high, you hold happiness in your palm 🙂 ;p

With the wind

It’s sunday, and she’s leaving
Quiet feet, avoiding the floor boards creaking
Time spent, repetition requested meekly
Cold bed, I lie awake but I’m sleepy
Warm heart, the fire is entrenched deeply
Hot head, ideas amped up completely
Momentary, yes she’ll be back to see me

It’s sunday, yes, she’s leaving
But neither of us scares easy
I’ll remember her warmth, so easy
I’ll remember her smile competing
But long had it won me, sincerely
I’ll remember her touch, expressly
I’ll remember being me, completely
Momentary, feeling like the complete me

It’s sunday she’s leaving
But she’ll be back soon and see me


Purgatorian Song

Purgatorian Song

I listen to guttural cries
Played lower that angelic choirs
I feel the burning of stygian fire
The pouring acidic rain
The mind can make a heaven of hell,
At least it’s what Milton says
Yet my mind can find no pleasure,
Not in so much pain.

And when pleasure is given to us,
Residents of this stygian plane,
It’s a switch to ice, of the needling vane
So fire turns to ice,
and for a moment relief is felt,
Until drops from Lethe avail themselves
Unmindful, we have forgotten to feel
Until the cycle repeats,
Once again breaking our wills

Oh, sorrow so deep
Woe, so unfathomable
The eternal,
The infernal,
Torture. oh so long,
this My Friend is a Purgotorian’s song