Healing and Howling 

The death throes of doomed dentistry. The tick tock of time turned toxic. The teeth teeming with tufts of tan hide that hid horrible hurts. Hindered by history, hurt and habits. the helpless healing hands held on hoping hysterically he had hovered here. Hell was being sent to a world of pain while patiently pandering to the preposterous position of powerlessness praying people paid heed to the hurting helpless howls. He dreamed about drier days, which now were dots driven to the darkest domains. Crack and crevices, crazy crisis. The coastline called as chronos crept. The cruel current calling clarity and consternation closer. Clueless children cheering for the cessation of the fevered fear fill phantasy. The familiar four forms filled forward. Tantalus tortured. Turn towards the taste and teet his teeth today could not turn. Crying. Creeping. Creaking. Cleared cloud cavorting, carelessly caressed by curling cycles 


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