Naivety and Light (by Awa Gabrielle Magagula)

The valley that we met inDid the water flow?

Did every particle drift towards 

Each other

Always bumping shoulders 

Destined to collide 

Like I smashed into you? 

The valley we met in

Was the grass greener on the other side? 

I can’t recall

All I have is the image of your brown specked eyes, turned hazel in the sunlight. 

All I remember is your about to be kissed lips, turned the color pink from you licking your lips. 
The valley we met in

Did the air have static electricity? 

Because the moment you touched me 

I became a flame 

Suddenly on fire 

Soul an inferno 
The valley we met in….

Can we go back? 

Because I find myself in the river now

Unable to breathe 

Drowning in an us 

That never should have been an us 

We should have stayed 

In the valley we met in.

Alcohol colored glasses 

Stained with the intent 

To see me as yours

So you lead me on

And I follow 

Trip, slip, dip

Straight into your trap
Usually I don’t fall 

I stand tall 

I’m a warrior 

A beast 

Confident in my roar 

Confident in my strut 

My tempting lips curled into a smile 

Boy, you know I’m confident 
But then you walk in

Color black draping your body 

Color black draping your spirit 

Color black stealing my light 

Color black stealing my confidence 

Stealing my essence 

Stealing my curled lip smile 

Stealing me 

Stealing me 

Stealing me
I lose myself in you

In your darkness 

Your undecidedness 

I’m blind 

In the dark 

Stuck in the crooks of your soul
Basically unborn 

You trapped me 

And I find myself 


The color black.

That’s it…


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