You’ve Long Won

Out of Animo

I wrote about you tonight. It’s happened  a few times before. I tried to be calm and detached, someone who’d come out on top, when in reality I’m the one who lost.

I think I might have planned it that way, somewhere in a corner of myself.

You were easiest to see after a few drinks. You were always drinking anyway. You were bored by me. You were bored by your life. You were determined never to give me anything – not your care, not your respect, not your truth.

I asked for nothing.

Your face never lit up in time with mine. You were empty but for your interests. You were vapid. So cool, and so vapid. You were confident — I wanted to ask you what the hell for. What did you have that made you think you should stand so tall? I hated your surety. I…

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