A tale of freedom

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A bird, a babe and tell tale

a babe
a bird
a tale

a solitary babe
owned a solitary bird
In this sad tale

The babe had a canary
The babe was also a canary
A babe and bird were a sad tale

In solitary effort they struggled
In respective corners they struggled
Unwise to the significance of numbers in struggle

The bird was not tame
The babe was not lame
They did not see they were same

Theirs was a fate of being caged
Theirs was a struggle against a cage
A mission to free the caged

In solitary they must find solidarity
In solitary they must be in solidarity
Struggle together in solidarity

Freedom comes with awareness
With consciousness
Through conscientiousness

Freedom! The bird cried
Freedom! The babe cried
Freedom! They both cried!

The babe freed the bird
The freed bird freed the babe
The bird told the…

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