On we march (long overdue)

The silent nature of change
The disruptive force of living
The silent sound of her tears
The cacophony of breaking those we’ve been given

The sour self loving nature
The lost identities
The companionable silence
Her mind colliding with the ideas i have of me

Deception dies; clarity takes hold
Truth: absolute in nature
Lies subject to belief
Are we the lost generation, or the progenitors of peace

War makers make war,
Chefs make what we eat
We communicate from miles away,
That’s how you’re reading me; seeing into my mind

Stifling air surrounds,
water poisons us slowly
Hearts once strong: made weak
Ears deafened by every bass filled drum of the beat….

On we march, soldiers of this plane
On we walk; on we love too
Random acts of kindness seen/forgotten
Peace now havoc wreaks: war makers take our purpose; and we agree


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