Primus: The Flower Petals

The golden light of the malicious and destructive fire slowly drew closer. Leonus unable to think due to the lack of oxygen. He would never stop hearing that screaming though. He would forever remember the agony of the trees. He Dug pouring his life force into the ground, trying to end it all. If he leeched his health long enough he could save them, he could unleash a storm of life upon the forest; significantly beyond his normal magical radius. His only problem came when he saw the fire sprout around him. It was futile to pursue: this was it.

Heather screamed in horror. Ilu was gone, nowhere to be seen. They had spent so little time together yet they were starting to bond. She had gone to collect some water for his bath, upon her return, he was nowhere to be seen. She tried to Trace him, yet there was a strange interference. His magic was being masked by an outflow of power that she had never seen the like of.

She followed her gut. Picking a direction and taking off. Speeding through the brush, coat fluttering wildly and snagging on thorns she no longer felt. She decided that it was best to head towards trouble; it was always where children went. Heather felt the wind against her skin, warmth. This was not the Seys for warmth, it was still a few cycles off. Looking into the sky she saw a glow, doubling her speed by reducing her stamina to a quarter of what it should be, she began moving at a pace that was inhuman. If she was heading towards a fire it would be best to cover the distance fast and possibly manage to out run it, on the way back.

His eyes widened in the glow, that flame that consumed so quickly. That heat that made him sweat, he could feel the trees dying. Worst of all he could hear them scream. He plugged his ears with his fingers. Sitting down hard, rocking back and forth Ilu tried to sing to himself. Suddenly he felt hands on him. Gently caressing his head and humming. Soon he could hear nothing save that familiar voice. He felt no heat licking away at him, carried by the wind. All was still.

Opening his eyes he saw Bindy standing within the flames, the golden flames kissing her equally gold skin. She stood stock still, arms wide and head turned to face the sky. There were still caresses and calm, loving song. Ilu knew that if he listened hard to the wind, he’d hear the sound of the flute accompanying it.

The Shesha’s soft clay brown skin, black hair and grey eyes were closed. Yet she looked strained, her skin looked dry and her muscles were clenched tight. She sang with the tense vibration of over stretched string being plucked. Yet she held Ilu as if holding on for dear life. Ilu realized that the blaze was dimming. He tried to look for Nica and Niddy. All he found was the soft and still sound of Niddy’s flute, Nica seemed to whisper to him from a distance as well, repeating the words “Go to the heart of it and we can heal the forest.”

Never had Nica put him in a position that wasn’t beneficial so he trusted. Forward Ilu walked into the heart of the blaze. At first he expected pain but as he got closer he felt none. Looking over his shoulder he saw the face of Addie. Her hands firmly clasping those of Shesha and Niddy; with Nica holding Shesha’s and Bindy in the center.

Adelin, Bindy, Nica, Nidho and Shesha his family gathered together all at once. Urging him forward. It was a miracle; the flame unable to harm him. He looked hard at them all and it dawned on him, all those vital roles they performed for him. They corresponded to an element: Addie, to water; Nidho, to wind; Bindy, to fire; Shesha, to earth; Nica to light. That was why they never appeared when Heather came out of the bushes, they were within him.

Nica smiled saying “We are your Elementals. Parts of a single whole, part of you. You rule us, we follow your heart. You just have to want it to be badly enough.” As he spoke the fire died completely and rain began to fall. The soft pitter patter starting off slowly. The scorched ground sizzled, the embers slowly starting to darken as they stood in silence.

“Can we fix the damage that’s been done?” Asked Ilu quietly and sadly as he looked at the devastation.

Nica dropped to his knees and asked “Do you believe we can?”

“There is always something we can do,” Ilu responded “that’s what mom used to tell me…”

“So then what are you waiting for? come grab our hands and lets get it done!” Responded Nica

Heather came around a corner and at first she had a hard time adjusting to the light and colour. She looked hard, concentrating. Her vision cleared, showing Ilu sitting in the lap of a strange man. There was an air of menace about him, yet his eyes looked dotingly on Ilu like a proud father. There was a third person lying some way off in the distance. The brush looked a vivid green polka dotted with colour, the trees looked like they’d been carved from ice yet threw off the most fantastic rainbows, the light trickled in the forest looked alive; smelled gorgeous and the wind was gentle. As it blew Heather felt things brush against her. Turning around she saw the pink petals of a cherry blossom tree. She smiled at the slight. She smiled for the first time, in a long time.

For the first time in a long time, there were smiles in bloom…


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