Thief of smiles

Procrastination is the thief of time; and the internalization of small irritations is the thief of smiles.

Now sure we all have a hard time with irritants and the challenge is to cut them off. Letting ourselves slip into a trap of cyclic emotionality due to internalization simply leads to cascading emotions which saddest part of all reverberate across all communication and form the biggest pools within ourselves. The water becomes murky, previously perfectly clear water clouded by negativity.

I, myself, fell victim to this today and the hellion in me responded with an almost impish passion sadly, the end result was me remaining irritated, small things that otherwise wouldn’t bother me turning into things that snowballed out of control. And I’m writing this as the expression of something very personal, a pledge to myself. Tomorrow I’m going to exercise more restraint, I am going to apologize to the persons that I imparted the negative energy on and then I am going to spite the side of me that wishes to raise hell. I will attain a zen like calm and sustain it. I will smile and laugh and ignore all those that attempt to draw on the negativity, but I’ve already started working on that, this is just me putting it out into the universe and hoping my determination can inspire a positivity will eclipse the negativity I vented today.

No longer will I abide by the idea: “Flectere si nequeo superos, acheronta movebo”

Have a kick ass day tomorrow all, hope that you all had good days today 🙂


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