Hugs and kisses

I sit in stillness, heart beat quiet
I bask in the moment, timeless respite
Children play in parks
Women shop in malls
Men driving home
And to us all the silence calls

That brief moment of relief
The time we take not to think
Blink, blinded, feel, kindness
And it’s never a moment too soon
Our minds are so cluttered
Our lenses set to zoom
Bombardment, escape
And company for company’s sake
You feel alone in tandem
You hear the chirping randoms
But all you listen to is silence

The magic of the moment
The bittersweet taste of life
The discordant harmonies
You can taste the mortal ooze
You can feel the tingling skin
And you can find the joy in Blues

Right in that moment,
Right in your heart,
perfect in enjoyment
And peace has us worlds apart

Because he is a raging storm
She is a violent clatter
We are a torrential rain
And they are a wind that batters
We sweep across media
We plague the cyberspace
We smile more at computers
Than our peoples’ embrace
Loud, the sound of your cellphone
Loud, the television screen
Loud is the Ipad/tablet/the ringer’s setting

Clutter has filled our souls
Material for the pain
And substance has grown so thin

Smile at someone on the bus/train/plane
Scream joyfully for yourself
Love louder than the phone
And pick up books off of the shelf
Hi five some random strangers
Give a compliment in passing
Do something anything that can leave other people asking
What’s gotten into them
I wonder what they’re smoking

And you will reply life

Because all the sadness is now choking

Negative thoughts and vibes are senseless

All the hatred is now calm

Lift life up high, you hold happiness in your palm 🙂 ;p


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