Raging storms

Ever notice how the most powerful imagery is usually the most chaotic?

I mean tearing your eyes away from a screen when things are going terribly, is hard. It’s like we are seeing something bigger than that. I find looking at an accident and seeing a vicious storm brewing captivating. There’s a primal rage to that chaos, like the world unleashing its pent up frustration, venting its formidable anger. The thing is that, much like an upset mother, sometimes innocent people unintentionally get caught in that unrelenting storm.

We have to be careful who we direct our anger at, we need to nurse that release of negativity very carefully because one of two consequences can be the result of that friendly fire: the first is that we internalize it, which like the Ouroboros, is us biting our own tails; the second is the damage we do to those around us, the damage we do to our relationships.

Pent up anger or anger we internalize shortens our fuses, making us quicker to explode and usually more likely to do so in a spectacular fashion. The anger that we do to our relationships however has an even greater consequence, it becomes greater than our impact… Imagine, if you will, a flutter of butterflies, in a forest of trees, all fluttering their wings, while gently coasting from flower to flower. One of them turns into a termite, but as it does it turns the next three butterflies into termites and it begins to gnaw at a tree, after a moment it regains its previous shape; however this time changing none of those it did with it.

Do you see what I see? Because I see a grove of trees that are marred by their gnawing, done in anger, which they cannot take back. Now imagine that this went on for their entire life time, would there be any trees left? Butterflies, on average live a month, now imagine these violent swings going back and forth through that flutter; they’d spend more time destroying than they would facilitating creation. And the relationships they’ve nurtured are the trees.

What I’m trying to say is be a butterfly not a termite. Find a way to vent that isn’t detrimental to yourself and those around you.

As John Donne wrote “No man is an island”


2 thoughts on “Raging storms

  1. You make a good point here. I agree, the thing is to channel negative emotions into something constructive (easier said than done!) they too have a power that can be harnessed but it’s tough and we’d better aim straight!

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