Primus: Loss (the prelude part 3)

The Architect slept restlessly; it was difficult to rest in his frail state. He stepped outside of the Body, into chaos. This place was where he found rest, being the source of all life was difficult while maintaining his consciousness. He only had to hold on for a while longer; he would not pass judgement on actions yet to be taken.

Free will has to be just that; free. His immeasurably vast spirit was pained, every fibre of it. This rebellion would have to come, and his judgement would have to be based on actions taken not thoughts ignored. It knew that it would very soon stop being an active creator turning into a cosmic force; an unwavering rule. However let the betrayers come, any threat to this delicate balance would be dealt with.

The Rebels looked at one another, they were ready to begin. They would each drain the energy and spirit of a solar system, then steal away into the upper reaches of chaos, the Architectural stronghold… Creating their own planes parallel to this one, outside of this current time, in a time founded on them instead.

The portals opened onto the various solar systems, the most potent would be the most heavily populated. They would have the highest spirit content. Some of the rebels sought to explore the systems before they destroyed them to truly test their resolve, their leader, Bloodsinger was one such. He sought out his system of choice, visited the planet and found a race of humans, a generic elven brand of human. Not advanced enough yet to comprehend how vital a link they provided to evolution, but not yet the final form of the guild’s product. It would grow till it reached the livelight stage and then would begin to venture out further into the universe. In this particular case, as they were in a Dark reaching universe, wreaking havoc would be the ultimate end of the race. It would be preemptive to strike now he thought, save our creator the work of repeatedly trying to save the doomed, to save themselves as extensions of the architect! Something peculiar happened instead, he was seen roaming the communal nests of the people, they were given pause by his appearance, his attire and the slightly offish nature of his facial structure. Some knelt before him in praise to the traveller from afar, the ruler prophesied to come. He opened a portal and fled, returning to find all the others already standing there in the process of absorption.

“The Architect is going to reduce us to mud, cease and desist I beg you brethren!” He cried out. Seeing the ecstasy they were lost in and their inability to cease, he cut off the portals and absorbed the residues that lingered leaving himself tainted as he could now realize was the case. His skin changing hues to reflect his sin and his eyes changing colour. All the rebels began to change, bloodsinger remained as he was however, although a different hue. Their forms all loosed howls, screeches and screams. They began to regurgitate the power they had glutted themselves on, all the pleasure they felt consuming was now replaced with a pain a thousand times more intense and lasting. They all heard the architects in their hearts.

Did I not love you flesh of my spirit? Did I not grant you what you all lusted for? For this threat was not to my power but to the very balance we strive for! I strip you of all rights powers and privileges and cast you all into the worlds. And for you Bloodsinger, foremost among this band I strip you of the immortality I have bestowed upon you and your kin. All of you are banished from chaos, and the upper reaches of the spirit live out your days in woe.

And so the rebels were cast into the worlds in the forms of the inhabitants. And the Guild of Cosmic Artisans was never again the same.


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