Mkomazi Adventure Challenge

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Wildlands help make the Bonitas Mkomazi Adventure Challenge possible

On the 10th of March 2013 seven Treverton G.A.P (Growth, Adventure and Preparation) students set out with their post matric Director, Mr Athol Davies and Outdoor Education Assistant, My Brad Neal on a 7 day “catchment to coast” challenge that would see them taking part in an exciting adventure, the Bonitas Mkomazi Adventure, as well as an outreach programme, that positively affected the communities they met and the schools they interacted with along the way.

The purpose of this expedition was to raise awareness around the importance of managing the limited natural resource – water. The students visited some of the local under- resourced schools, engaging with them about the importance of environmental issues, particularly those that affect the quality of the water resource and the health of the community members.

The group visited six schools, namely: Skietsdrift Primary, ML…

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