Primus: tests and trials (the prelude part two)

The Architect turned its gaze on the universal clusters amassed around and within. To the Architect, each little galaxy was a cell of its being, each cluster of multiverses an organ. Each exhale was a breath of creation, each inhale a returning of souls lost. The Architect was all and none, every sensation, every discomfort was it. Every Female, Male, and Youngling a piece of the greater divine whole. The Timeless members of the CGA were all like digits, the greatest tools ever formed. Specifically created for creating. However, the Architect was much like its creations, subject to the cosmic forces.

The Body – as the Architect called the collective sum of all it had created – was a being of balance. Too much light led to the Dark being less fathomable; too much darkness led to the Light being hyper intensified where it came through. So to maintain the subtle balance in the Body, the architect created, from the darkness hidden in the heart of the Brightest beings, a secret guild to cautiously destroy. The Body would shed cells that no longer had counter parts who helped balance their light or darkness. The spirits that leaned too far to one side, were carefully kept on par with those that had the opposite and equal quality.

The CGA were given free will, the maintenance of the universe their mandate. The Architect had taken all the steps needed for the Cosmic symphony to play itself out while respite was taken. Only an instant. For one so far above time, however, an instant proved far too long. The Cosmic Guild of Artisans were the caretakers. Creation would be maintained, beings within would be watched. Those who brought imbalance would be returned to The Architect’s spirit, stricken from creation until they could be rebound and reintroduced. Creations were never wrought singles, pairs were made by the various sub-guilds to maintain order where once only Chaos ruled.

The Guild’s Hammer was aware of their task; maintain by destruction. One member sought to test the bounds of their free will. Speaking sweetly to the secret meeting he asked “Brothers and Sisters, have we truly been granted free will? Can we actually do as we please?”

A murmur crossed the conclave. They had been given knowledge the other members did not have, they had the power to create and the power to destroy.

“I choose to believe we do” said another member, all were hooded and all had forms wrought for this meeting. Standing around a map of the Body, all parts visible. Almost all knowledge was available to them at a thought. One half of the Highest Book sat there.

“The Architect believes in balance, why else would It assemble us?” another agreed with the second speaker.

“Well, then I put it to you, my kin: if we have the power to do as we like, why do we remain here? We have the Power to go out and make our own dominions. Not to be ruled over but to rule along side the Architect! Imagine the power we wield, used to make our own creations, we have learnt of the balance, we have worked it ourselves. The Architect has trusted us, we have been patient, witness to the glory of the Architect; do you mean to say we haven’t learnt enough over Eons?” the first speaker prodded

“The Architect gave us the mandate of momentarily watching over his domain, I think patience is required! We are of it, and it is of us; we part and the Architect as a whole. This maybe the final hurdle before our release, do not ruin a gift so sweet as the power of creation by exploiting the trust of such a benevolent entity. One who cares beyond our capacity to feel; one who sees that we tire and so provides us rest; one who allows us to live perpetually!” the second speaker rebutted

“What greater gift is there than the opportunity to prove our appreciation of the gift we have been given than to use it?” the first speaker rationalized.

“I will not be part of this, blatantly betraying the grace of our greater self? I refuse.” a female member said defiantly.

“We have all felt how the Architect tires, I suggest only to give it respite as part of our appreciation. Look at the Body; its shear size. Let us lighten the burden! Sisters, I say this not for me, but for the greater good of the Body. We are of the Body, yet of the Will. Let us exert it.”  the murmurs grew into nods of agreement.

And so dawned the Testing of the Will.


One thought on “Primus: tests and trials (the prelude part two)

  1. Digging the whole splitting of ideals. I say stay put and don’t sadden The Architect… but why give them free will if not to use it? but its also of their free will not to leave etc. Oh well
    Def liking this story 🙂


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