In the Morning (2011)

My soul feels beaten, my spirit feels broken;
yet, I remain outspoken.
Kind of feels like the world doesn’t want me whole.
My ideas fade and die
yet I shall never cry.
Beat me black and blue…
If that’s what pleases you
however, I will never give you that satisfaction.
I rebel as if I lead an underground faction.
The chasm between would take a lifetime to fill
unless it’s time spent, chasing a dollar ill…
But I guess, it’s rands in this case,
I hide in disgrace
like the kids of the diaspora longing for a…
Place to belong
a home,
But they are housed in their domes
like those in homeless shelters.

I spray cologne on 2 mask the smell o’ my humanity,
and we’re all beautifully human, but I don’t hold my nose,
as if my shit don’t stink, as if it smels of rose?
No truly
it’s to cover the alcohol, which duly,
smels foul,
like a moist bath towel,
Soaked in the vomit of its previous owner,
However I don’t belong, to a single one,
Feeling dazed and confused while just tryna get along.
Maybe it’s the booze?
It leaves me more confused,
as i haven’t had a drink in what’s feelings lyk quiet a few.
I haven’t done it all, but feel like there is nothing left to do.

Got asked if I was horny, cause it’s baby making weather
my mxit stat is on and
it’s going…
kinda like “Can i hit it in the mornin?”
yea, so can i hit in the morning?
I no ths wasnt meant 2 b a song.
Well, can i hit it in the morning?
I worry about our relationship,
cause whenever we fight you strip
I don’t wanna go and trip…
yet you are why I’m on this tip
“can i hit it in the morning?”
sunrising while you moaning,
in the comfort of your home and
in the presence of your friends
I couldn’t careless what your rents say
cause we do us the best babe
You’re a tall drink, which is always best babe.
And now I’m feeling thirsty,
I mean it in the worst way.
Can you quench my thirst babe?
I’ve been kissing on ur neck, girl, so how abt we get to work girl? Blushing, sorry I forgot your glow, shining bright with the lights off;
Look at me with the night off…
Oh word you want the lights on,
So I can see you in that black thong,
But the butterfly tattoo on your ass’s wrong, well not wrong in a bad way,
Jus thinkng that’s what your ex say.
I got a hunger for ya, soon as the sunrise im coming for you in a crazy way
” can I hit it in the morning?”
Body louder than your moaning,
Yes I hear ur body calling,
so can i hit it in the morning?
I see the sunrising; that pleasure filling up your eyes and..
I can tell that you’re lying,
I’m loving what’s on your mind and
we can call it mind sex,
said i love the fact you complex,
so now we talking mind sex and lemme put it into context,
“Can I hit it in the morning?
Oh you don’t wanna go there?
I’m whispering all in your ear,
can I hit it in the morning?
You’re the root of all my success,
well that and you got a nice chest,
I’m guessing that you play chess,
Also hear you speak French,
ya you got nice ass but you avoid being honest,
well somehow you still on it,
got you emotionally turned on,
got you up against the wall damn,
hear you whispering and calling,
You’ve got me in my own world,
but she got me thinking cold world,
Now she got an ice box, threatening puree mine.
Got me open, but more like she doin jail time
I’ve got the cell key, in her cell there’s red wine.
Girl sip slow,
Just tryna make the goosebumps on your inna thigh show…
Can i hit it the morning?
Oh ur already in the zone then?
So why wait for the morning?


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