End’s Meat

I hear my name whispered on the breeze.
I douse the flame as I hear you breathe.
I reach within you, I find inside this thing which makes me smile.
A fear we share somehow?
Id like you near right now.
I pray you console me
I’m feeling like the old me.
He creeps up and climbs inside my window,
gets inside, and my soul he dares choke.
He screams out loud as I call your name
and with that utterance it begins to rain…
pitter patter patter pitter, I’m drowning,
oh! How my soul has withered, I feel as if i walk across a desert plane,
I feel as if I’m trapped within my brain.
Lost with the wolves, tigers, buck and lions,
yet, there is one buck I keep my eye on.
Not a buck like doe or bambi,
I’m talking a buck that makes it dandy,
All fake smiles, rubber masks and false friends.
Im talking, I loves you’s, marry me’s and I’m ur friend,
when it reality it’s all about one thing;
you hear your inner voice call out “the cheddar”,
not my boy chedda,
no I’m talking about change,
kinda funny cause after it one is never the same.
So, to you, yes you, who chases paper and skyscrapers,
to you who chases ends. Look around recognise your false friends.


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