Day by Day

As I listened to the soft and delicate pitter patter of rain drops, to my surprise, I realized that I could hear her heart beat, her cold feet crushing sand beneath her toes, he soft inhale in her mouth and out her nose. I suppose this is what we would, should or could call sensory awareness.
She was gorgeous, built for life and her smile was one that could easily make a man careless
Her mind was sharp and her tongue was sweet, and her voice was sweeter still
Her vulnerability was often completely misjudged and she was obsessed with Love, as I was with Life and Time, so between us there was just a raw sense of thrill
Awe inspiring, tides passed back and forth across the sands she walked some ways until I grabbed her hand
I want nothing but you to fill my days and to keep you warm in this pouring rain, I want to pull you close and never have to let go, I want you to see that life has no chance to interfere with everything I have planned
I looked across the landscape three years later, once again here I stand, alone where I once hugged her close, my purpose had changed but then again so had she, and over time it seemed that I had managed to drift away from me, no longer mine and
Worst of all she was nowhere to be seen, where did my baby go, how on earth had I let you know that this was not meant to be? I wish love was like other purchase where you receive a receipt after paying the price, but it’s more like asian stores with no exchange, negotiation and most of all no refund.
When I woke up in the morning
My mouth wide, yawning
My eyes wide shut
My chest ripped up
And my head on straight,
But upside down in an absolute state

Light filters in to the room
and I remember you
and wonder where it all went wrong
I often find that I am losing my way like timberlake, on those god damn future sex/love sounds
I realized that in the past I had tunnel vision, focusing on things of import
And now here i am once again, something I feel a little sad to report
Starting over, like footprints on the sand erased by precipitation, and the gentle breaking of waves
It didn’t happen all at once, but rather
Day by Day


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