Blood, Soul, Rib and Bone


I watch, oh, how the rythym makes her sway
I picture her as Adam did Eve back in the day,
sensual, sweet and strong.
She’s got something I’ve wanted all along…
See, I am not lookin for my soulmate, oh no, for i’d recognize my other half.
I’m looking for the pretty young thing I’m happy to give my rib to,
who will give up her own and make one into two,
by one I mean our ribs as a set and by two
I mean the first half of two new souls, my daughter or son,
both or any one!
I’ll give bone after bone,
and then treat them as my own.
My soul was never mine,
I had given it away, to the time;
The team, as they shed blood with me,
my lady will have my heart as she loves with me,
prayer no longer needed as she answers me
We wish that life for all is how it is meant to be.
My friends, my family, my team, my kids to be,
Let’s take and enjoy it as it’s meant to be, heart, rib, bone and soul thats what you represent to me.


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