Primus: Dawn (the prelude part one)

This is a story that unfolds in a billionth of a millisecond, including rewinds, creations and compositions. The Architect composed, The Architect composed a piece that evolved; if heard the piece would have sounded like the primordial sounds of joy yet to come. The undertone of pain unfelt lending a haunting quality to a piece of work which seemed the very center of the maelstrom. The conflicting and subtle discord of love unrequited; the ideas of love which would never be. Followed by the harmonies sweetly melodic and upbeat. The dramatic and passionate feeling of the perfect love, the love between soul mates; strong and soft, gently assailing notes, flavours yet to be, bold and timid. Strength and cruelty that made the Architect weep as they put it all together. Lives, tragedies and comedies alike; deaths, sorrows and bittersweet, sweetbitter endings. After tastes of long lives ill lived, balanced wholly by lives cut short yet brimming with fulfillment that splashes over.

The textures of sensual pleasures, guilty regret and the desires unfulfilled. The growth of all that is a sensation like the very stretching of The Architect’s vast spirit. The feelings of recession and death alike, the over tightening of skin, the brittleness of bones and tearing of muscle, cartilage rotting and sinew stretched. All wrapped within a tightness: his ever vast being. Both beautiful and terrible.

The bitter aromas of loss, pain, pretense and absence all intermingling with the feather light touch of happiness, of contentment and the memories of all those that will ever be and all those that will never again be. The flowing of spirit from his, into a single structure; a single creation that will expand at a rate that its inhabitants will one day – eons from now – only start to fathom. The size of it; truly beyond all their scope. For now, however, until the time was right; until the multiverse was ready, this precariously balance organism would have to remain as it was.

In a state of chaos between Light bound entities and their Dark bound counter parts. The wars of destruction that were being waged, these inter-universal conflicts needed to end. What better way to do that that than to introduce a universe that exists entirely on balance? An exemplary place where his newest Cosmic force would make all square in the Grand scheme?

The Architect had seen that by shedding too much light on a universe, giving it too much good, caused it’s inhabitants to become fascinated by evil. Binding themselves to it, and the reverse as true with the Dark bound universes. His only idea then was to fashion one in perfect sync, giving the truest form of free will; the choice to do good or evil. The consequence however would be a loss of a larger part of his being. Another creation made, another creation doomed to destruction.

The Architect was tired. The thirst for power in its creations was proving truly horrific. It had seen countless genocides and had recreated too many species. Whole worlds recreated and time itself warped to rewind events. It hoped this final creation would lead to the stabilization of its omniverse; made of Multiverses; made of universal clusters; made of universes. The omniverse was but a infant, yet, it could see the profound sorrow that would fill it soon. As it had seen the countless other universes filled, countless universal clusters filled; all the way till the sorrow stood too strong against the balance. The Architect made a decision, of one final intervention.

Cosmic Guild of the Artisans, show yourselves, the Architect thought. And obedient to the summons the Guild appeared, every member. The Blacksmiths, The Sculptors and Sculptresses, The Glass Blowers, every sub-guild appeared at the request. We have a new set of designs to execute, they will forever alter the imbalance. We have to give them something to protect themselves until a time when they are ready to lead. And working through each and every one of them the Architect wrought a power that would be taught, a power to be learnt, manipulated and completely designed to fit the will of it’s user. It would center around this universe, around a single galaxy, around a single planet, placed into the very soil, emanating from the central point: the place the inhabitants of this universe would – instants and Eons from now – know as Primus but for all the wrong reasons.

An so It all began, and so The architect began it all…


6 thoughts on “Primus: Dawn (the prelude part one)

  1. uh why didn’t he just destroy the whole thing? why not destroy it dude? also got this link off a blog. glad i did. found something flex to read.


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